Bed rental site is illegal in New York

New York police determined that an Airbnb user, a site that rents residents’ beds / rooms / homes from tourists, should pay a $ 2,400 fine for violating the city’s rental law. According to Cnet, the apartment in question can only be used as a private residence and not as a hotel or board.

Initially, authorities asked for $ 7,000 from Nigel Warren, but those responsible for the site interceded on behalf of the host. The judge responsible for the case declined to violate the zoning code, but agreed that Warren disregarded the city’s lodging regulations.

The case revolves around a 2011 law that makes it illegal for New Yorkers to rent their homes for less than 29 days. Airbnb has been lobbying local lawmakers in an attempt to change the rule, as the site is based on short-term accommodation.

To learn more about the company that has rented rooms around the world since 2008, read here an exclusive interview with one of the founders of the platform that offers an address in more than 33,000 cities in 192 countries.

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