Apple will pay $ 100 million in damages to iTunes customers

Apple agreed to pay $ 100 million in vouchers at the iTunes Store as compensation to its customers. The company reimburses parents who had their online store accounts inflated due to their children’s unconscious spending.

The action was proposed in 2011, in California (USA), and complained about “bait apps” – free games for children, which sell items within the game with real money.

At the time it was processed, Apple allowed 15 minutes after downloading the app to make purchases without having to enter a password for verification. Thus, the father downloaded the application for his son, who then spent money without being fully aware. There are cases of children who have invested up to $ 365 in virtual fish.

The indemnity will give $ 5 in credit to aggrieved parents. Those whose children spent between $ 5 and $ 30 will receive $ 30 in credit. Parents with children who have spent higher amounts will be able to ask for their money back.

The agreement was proposed last week at an event specializing in technology. At the time, Apple said it must indemnify more than 23 million accounts on iTunes, which need to receive preliminary approval from a federal judge to be compensated.

The action is only valid for users registered as North American and British on the iTunes Store.

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