Apple to launch ring-controlled TV in 2013, says analyst

Apple’s next step may be to enter the television market. According to Brian White, of Topeka Capital, the company plans to launch a 60-inch iTV later this year, which can be controlled by a ring, the iRing.

The finding is the result of a visit to the supply chains in China and Taiwan. According to his report, the product should be launched with a price varying between US $ 1,500 and US $ 2,500 depending on the chosen configuration.

The ring would serve as a resource for navigation, but it would also have some remote control functions incorporated. In addition, a possibility would be the inclusion of an optional accessory similar to an iPad, which he calls “mini iTV”, which could be used to watch content even away from the TV, among other applications.

Officially, Apple has not spoken for some time on the subject of televisions, although rumors about the subject have continued for some time. Tim Cook, the company’s CEO, has already stated that the company does not despise this niche. “We can contribute many things to this space, so we will continue to see where it takes us,” he said in January, during the presentation of the company’s first quarter results.

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