App wants to be the Instagram of music

An application was launched two weeks ago that aims to be the Instagram of music. Named Jam, it was created by Australian developer DreamWalk Mobile, according to the TUAW.

The app’s function is as follows: you sing anything and it not only fixes your voice but also creates all the sound so that you can later share the result on Facebook.

The supporting sounds used are all original creations from the developers of Jam and are available in a number of musical styles, such as pop, rock and reggae. But only pop rock is free of payment, to get the others you need to pay $ 0.99.

The interesting thing is that it is not always necessary to spend real money to buy new genres. There is a kind of dispute in which the user gains virtual currency as his creations are heard and evaluated.

For now the app is only available for iOS devices. For download, click here.

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