App industry to earn $ 25 billion in 2013

Almost five years after Apple started the app craze, the app industry is growing like never before. Users spend, on average, two hours a day with their apps. And the forecast is that stores will grow 62% this year, reaching the mark of $ 25 billion in sales, according to Gartner.

The application industry has matured on some points and the result of maturity is reflected in sales, said consultancy analysts. Developers are creating higher quality apps, in addition to betting more on marketing their products.

Despite the improvement, for each Instagram – app sold for $ 1 billion to Facebook – there are hundreds of apps that are not popular. As the field of applications is still unknown, developers are trying to find out which models are most attractive and profitable.

“The app industry like cars at the turn of the last century. You see the growth of roads and you know they will be important. But it’s still too early to say and know how to deal with them,” commented Simon Khalaf, CEO of the analysis company. in Flurry mobility.

At the beginning of the journey, the app industry was much simpler. In 2010, the App Store was the industry leader with 140 thousand applications available (today it has more than 700 thousand) and the developers focused only on the North American market.

Three years later, Apple and Google are side by side in terms of collections and users, and are struggling to offer more attractive applications to different audiences and countries, such as Japan, China and South Korea. In addition, both are sharing space with other stores that arrive little by little, such as Microsoft’s Windows Store, and BlackBerry World.

Currently, 63% of the applications used daily differ from those used in 2012. And consumers are consuming about eight applications at the same time, something that increases the chances of sales, but also the competition.

Analysts see the market favorably, especially with the arrival of TVs and other devices that developers need. However, they warn: It is easy to create an app, the great challenge is to make it attractive and profitable.

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