Analysis: Steve Jobs parody movie could be funnier

Throughout his life as an Apple leader, Steve Jobs tried to create electronic products with high performance and simple usability. He was often successful in the proposal. The film was already parodying its history, not so much.

“iSteve”, released today to present a comical take on Jobs’ life, rarely laughs. The ribbons of a shallow identity crisis. First feature film on the site Funny or Die – the North American equivalent of Porta dos Fundo -, neither can he be realistic or green.

During the almost 80 minutes of the film, real facts are confused with situations of pure nonsense. In the life of this Jobs, ideas for big projects depend more on epiphanic moments than on talent and effort. The feature is valid for a comedy, but does not achieve the comic goal.

The executive played by a clumsy Justin Long, the same actor in the TV campaign that pitted Apple and Microsoft. His stance relapses in other actors and coincides with the film’s crude art direction, which, again, does not know whether he takes humor seriously or takes serious laughter.

Jorge Garcia (Hurley on the Lost series) saves the story at times as a Steve Wozniak forever left in the corner. Other valid moments are the surreal encounters between big names in technology and Jobs, as in the eternal fight with Bill Gates or in the chat with a frentico Michael Dell.

In addition, the biopic “jOBS”, starring Ashton Kutcher and still without an expected release date, may be more funny. For Brazilians, the lack of subtitles in the online version of “iSteve” can also be another weakness. Below, you can see a trailer for the film and the full version of it on this link.

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