Analog TV will survive until 2018 in Brazil

The United States turned off the analogue TV signal in 2009. Japan, in 2011. And Brazil? According to the new schedule of the Ministry of Communications, the closure will happen only in 2018.

The new decision was communicated this Wednesday, 10, and changes the plan originally stipulated for 2016. The postponement causes the alteration of the digital TV installation decree, which, now, should be implemented over three years from 2015 Before, the shutdown was expected to happen in just one year.

The Minister of Communications, Paulo Bernardo, says that the new date was designed to give more time for adaptation to society. “We need to encourage people to buy digital television, a digital converter. It is evident that we cannot turn off analgesics with people receiving old television, it will not work,” said Minister Folha de S. Paulo.

In 2015, the 700 MHz band, now occupied by TVs, is replaced by 4G, which also operates at 2.5 GHz. The schedule for the shutdown of broadcasters hampered by the arrival of new technology has not yet been defined.

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