Amazon launches iTunes competitor

Amazon just released another venture in the digital music market, rivaling even more with companies like Apple and Google. The novelty lies in AutoRip, which offers digital versions of CDs sold by the online store.

The system debuts today and works in conjunction with Cloud Player, the company’s music streaming platform. When buying an album, the customer has their songs available on the service, which can be accessed over the internet on devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets.

Consumers can also download files in MP3 format. According to the company, music in digital format is free, that is, the value of CDs should not increase because of the novelty.

AutoRip offers more than 50,000 albums, although not all titles are for sale through the store. In operation since 1998, Amazon also makes digital versions available to buyers of CDs prior to the implementation of AutoRip.

With the service, Amazon hopes to increase its share in the digital music market. It currently holds 16% of the sector compared to 64% of Apple. The Google service, still not accessible in Brazil, represents 5% of the pie.

AutoRip is already up and running on the store’s North American website, and among the titles are some top sellers, such as “21” by singer Adele, “Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd, and “Thriller”, of singer Michael Jackson.

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