Advertising on video on the web is more efficient than on TV, say agencies

The Internet may not be the medium that receives the most money from advertisers, but they already consider the network as the best option to transmit their messages.

A survey released by eMarketer reveals that, for 75% of advertising agency executives, advertising video on the web is more efficient than on television.

Internet videos, incidentally, are the best option, in the opinion of the interviewees. The acceptance rate in relation to other formats is 68% for social media, 52% for searches, 45% for direct responses and 91% for display.

This last percentage, the highest, reveals that there is a fatigue with regard to banners, the most used medium for advertising on the internet – and apparently, also the least effective.

Companies like YouTube tend to grow well this year, as the study predicts. There is a 25% high projection, more than 23% of the videos for mobile devices. TV is only the last one, in terms of growth, with a rate of 6%, and is behind even the displays (banners), which have 7%.

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