8 tech movies to watch in 2013

Technology and cinema fans will have a good year of launches. Many science fiction films, documentaries or biographies will hit theaters in 2013.

We made a selection of the most anticipated news for tech fans. Then grab your gadgets, stock the popcorn and look at the list:

Premiere: April

The story of the brilliant inventor of the iPhone and iPad will be interpreted by no one less than the trendy Ashton Kucther.

The feature tells the story of Jobs from his youth until the creation of Apple, mixing with the period when he was involved with drugs and the counterculture. Directed by Joshua Michael Stern, written by Matt Whiteley.

There is yet another biographical film, in production by Sony Pictures, with script by Aaron Sorkin, editor of “The Social Network”, “The Newsroom” and “The West Wing”. This will be based on the biography written by Walter Isaacson and is also expected to hit theaters in 2013.

Star Trek Into Darkness
Premiere: July

Captain Kirk, Spock and company will be back in yet another episode of the Star Trek saga. Produced by Paramount and directed by JJ Abrams, creator of Lost and Fringe, the film tells a story in which Enterprise crew members will have to end up with a weapon of mass destruction.

Premiere: 2013, with no ms defined

A full plate for science fiction fans. Inspired by the book by Daniel H. Wilson, Ph.D in robotics and contributor to the magazinePopular Mechanics,the film will show a post-apocalyptic future dominated by robots. A group of human survivors fight against the technological threat installed in the world.

Ah yes! The film will be directed by Steven Spielberg (Tubaro, Indiana Jones and many others).

Premiere: 2013, with no ms defined

The story of one of the biggest sites to download pirated files will be told in a documentary. The film is about the founders of The Pirate Bay, their struggle against the media and the revolutions that the service has brought.

Produced independently, the feature will be distributed free on the internet.

Premiere: March

Napster, a pioneer file sharing service on the Internet, will also become a documentary. The film recounts Napster’s journey from birth in 1998 until its sale Rhapsody, an online music store, in 2011. In the trajectory it will be possible to follow more details of Napster’s fight with the music industry and how he lost his hearing to other services like iTunes and Spotify.

Iron Man 3
Premiere: April

The millionaire and sagas Tony Stark return to the big screen with his ultra-technological armor. Directed by Shane Black, writer of the film “Mquina Mortfera”, the film has an army of combatants, created from Extremis nanotechnology.


Premiere: August

Another classic of science fiction. This time, the binary policeman will have a new story, started from scratch. In the new film, directed by Brazilian Jos Padilha (Elite Squad), police officer Alex Murphy has his body saved by OmniCorp, which transformed him into a cyborg. With his life remodeled, having to face ever greater dangers and challenges in the year 2029.

Detonate Ralph
In theaters

Produced by Disney, the film tells the story of Ralph, a video game villain who wants to become a good guy. The fun and childlike animation has a series of references to the games that marked the time, making the film a full plate for the “more adult children” who like video games.

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