75% of American parents believe that games generate violence

The debate about the relationship between violence in games and violent behavior has gained a new chapter in the United States. A survey of 1050 parents of young people between 0 and 18 shows that 75% of them believe that violent games contribute to the increase in violence in the country.

The results of Common Sense Media also point out that 89% of respondents believe that violence in games is a problem and 75% believe it is difficult to protect children from having contact with this violence.

According to the survey, however, games only appear in the sixth position of the factors that most influence violence. First, according to respondents, there is a lack of parental supervision (93%), followed by bullying (92%) and daily contact with crime (86%). Then there are films and television (77%), easy access to firearms (75%) and then video games are on the list. Violent toys (64%) complete the ‘top 7’.

The data also reveal a concern with advertising for games and the age recommendation. Most parents were concerned with the promotion of games aimed at the adult audience and believed that advertisements for this type of game should only be shown during programs whose age rating coincided with that of the game.

The debate over the relationship between video games and violence in the United States has surfaced since last month, when Adam Lanza, 20, broke into Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut, and killed 28 people. After the attack, it was discovered that the sniper was an inveterate fan of the Call of Duty series, a first-person shooter in which he spent several hours.

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