6 million Brazilians will watch Internet TV by 2018, research predicts

A survey by the British consultancy Digital TV Research points out that the penetration of Digital TV in Latin America will jump from one third of households in 2012 to around 45% of homes this year. According to the study, until 2018, 84% of households in the region will be adopted.

Research analyst Simon Murray said that part of the growth is being driven by satellite TV, especially through low-cost, pre-paid packages.

He also points out that the forecast is that 14 million digital cable TV subscribers will be added in the region between 2012 and 2018. And internet TV services will jump from a million subscribers in 2012 to about six million in 2018.

The survey covers 19 countries. However, the study predicts that Brazil will be one of the highlights in this expansion phase of digital TV. The country is expected to add a base of 43 million homes with digital television by 2018.

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