2 out of 10 TVs sold in Brazil have internet connection, says consultancy

Connected TVs start to have some representation in Brazil. According to a study by consultancy Gfk, released on Friday, 19, 21% of the units currently sold in the country offer internet connection.

The research, carried out between 2010 and 2012, also evaluates the scenario for other media, such as DVD, Blu-Ray and Home Theater. The audit shows that the price of hardware has dropped by an average of three times that of software, represented by films and music.

“When we analyze the price erosion of each of these items, it is clear that whoever is pushing the price down mainly the TV – with a 57% drop and Blu-Ray, with a 54% drop. The average value fell only 17% ”, explains Gisela Pougy, director of Business Unit at GfK.

According to her, the limitation of available titles causes a less accelerated advance of the averages in relation to the supply of equipment. To give you an idea, of the 3 thousand Blu-Ray titles available, only 129 are 3D. Already the titles for conventional DVD add up to 27 thousand.

If he wanted to live the experience of 3D technology in 2010, the study points out, the consumer needed to pay R $ 6,000 for 42 ” 3D TV, 3D Blu-Ray and a 3D movie. The value of this package fell by half in 2012: R $ 3,000.

In thin-screen TVs, the drop in the last three years was 57% for 3D LED models 42 ” (the main screen size in the market), with a current average cost of R $ 2,049. To purchase a TV of this type and abandon the conventional LED TV the consumer needs to pay 20% more or R $ 300.To migrate from a LED TV to a LED with 42 ” internet access the consumer pays only 10% more or R $ 170, which facilitates the expansion of connected TVs.

DVD and Home Theater

During the period studied, the price of the DVD Player fell 54% and reached R $ 119; Blu-Ray Player (-49% being sold for R $ 299); and Blu-Ray Player 3D (-54% at an average price of R $ 479). The incremental value of a DVD Player to a Blu-Ray Player, in case the consumer wants to make this exchange, 300% or R $ 360.

The most accentuated error in equipment is repeated in Home Theater: between 2010 and 2012 there was a drop of -35% in the prices of conventional HT; -73% on HT Blu-Ray; and -49% on HT Blu-Ray 3D.

To migrate from a conventional HT to a 3D, I need to pay another 150% or R $ 780. The study also shows that 32% of the revenue from sales of Home Theater in Brazil was through 3D technology. “The consumer wants to have the best audio and video experience when looking for a home theater, so he invests in a more elaborate technology”, explains Gisela.

In the accumulated sales between December 2009 and December 2012, the country has 1.7 million 3D TVs, with only 400 thousand 3D Blu-Ray Players, 280 thousand 3D Home Theaters and 330 thousand 3D films.

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