104-year-old grandma needs to lie to access Facebook

When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, he never thought that a 104-year-old woman might be interested in accessing the site. But times have changed and the unexpected has happened.

The American Marguerite Joseph was born in 1908 and, despite her advanced age and the blindness that harms her, gave in to the seduction of the social network.

The problem is that she needs to lie to age to continue with her account, because Facebook insists on setting her a maximum age of 85, as if the year of birth was 1928, 20 years later.

Who revealed the story was Marguerite’s granddaughter, Gail Marlow, who helps her to surf the net so that the elderly woman can keep in touch with her family. “Every time I tried to change the age to the correct year, Facebook accused me of error and pointed to 1928, that the incorrect year of birth ”, said the girl CNET.

The setback reached Facebook’s ears, which issued a note on Thursday, 21. “We recently discovered that some users were having trouble creating accounts prior to 1910. We apologize for the inconvenience and will work to resolve this limitation”, said the company.

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