With the help of Justin Timberlake, MySpace reaches 36 million users

Thirty-six million Internet users have active MySpace accounts, the company said. It means that the social network has taken a leap since its relaunch in January, when there were 24 users. Two weeks after ending the beta phase, MySpace already had 31 million users, according to the The Next Web.

The site resurfaced at the hands of pop singer Justin Timberlake, who released an album along with the debut of MySpace. He had teamed up with a group of investors to buy NewsCorp’s social network for $ 35 million in September 2012. He has since been one of the main heads behind the new project.

Founded in 2003, MySpace was one of the first social networks to become popular – mainly in the USA. In 2005 the service was purchased for $ 580 million by NewsCorp and other media channels. The following year, while Facebook was still in its infancy, MySpace gained 100 million users.

In late 2007, when MySpace was the most popular social network in the world, it reached an average value of $ 12 million. In 2008, when Facebook and Twitter started to grow, MySpace faced difficulties in renewing itself and started to lose more and more users and, consequently, market value.

Since then, what has happened are just crises, layoffs of employees and failed attempts at renewal. In 2011, comScore declared that the service lost 10 million users. It was the following year that Timberlake and a group of investors bought service with the promise of renewal.

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