Video: see what Angry Birds Star Wars II will be like

Rovio announced that the continuation of Angry Birds Star Wars will be available for download from September 19, worldwide, on various platforms.

The game follows the prelude to the cinematic saga and, for the first time, the user can choose to stay on the “pig side of the Force” and play with the bias.

Another novelty is that it will be possible to transport physical characters to the title through Telepods, small Hasbro dolls that can be used to unlock characters and powers, inserted when the player touches the screen with one of them.

According to Rovio, more than 30 characters will be available in Angry Birds Star Wars II.

Along with the game, there will also be a line of products including toys, books and other accessories – as well as Telepods, which will be shown to the public during the San Diego Comic-on, this month.

Star Wars angry Birds Rovio

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