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Twitter is increasingly moving towards becoming the second official screen, serving to monitor in real time everything that catches the attention on television. Proof of this is that the CEO of the platform, Dick Costolo, said that he intends to create a “DVR mode” for the network.

The idea, discussed during a panel at the Brookings Technological Innovation Center, is to filter out important comments and information during relevant events, separating them from “noise”.

When events like Oscar, Super Bowl or, for example, the BBB finale, many people use Twitter to comment. Only there is an excess of “noise”, that is, a lot of random posting, so you will have work if you want to search for accurate information.

Twitter had already paid attention to this when it perfected the “Discover” tab, in which relevant tweets are highlighted. Now Costolo wants to make things easier.

“This ability to track and monitor moments within an event, or how they happen or to achieve them, is something we want to improve. We want to make this experience even better, the curation of moments within the event, the means of communication from and making it much easier to navigate, “he said, as reported by AllTwitter.

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