Technology professionals gain space in advertising

The advertising industry, which was once an environment for creatives, is today one of the areas that most concentrates technology professionals, from programmers to quantitative analysts, according to Wall Street Journal.

There is a strong reason for technology to stand out in the advertising world. Today, in addition to electronics, advertising is interactive. In addition, currently about 50% of digital media purchases are made using tools that offer customer-specific data on the other side of the screen.

As a result, according to Talent Zoo president Amy Hoover, people with traditional skills are no longer being hired, and this shift towards digital advertising will only increase.

Traditional advertising agencies have joined digital media, which was previously done by specialized agencies. Now, as new executives enter, some tied in the traditional style, leave.

This exchange intensified especially during the economic crisis. Since then, Publicis USA, Publicis’ advertising agency in the USA, for example, has as a rule that in any new hire the candidate must have some experience in the digital area.

The change in the professional’s profile also reflected in productivity. If before, an agency produced on average three printed ads and three commercials per year for a typical client. The web, with its constant flow of new content, has totally changed demand.

According to Jon Bond, one of the founders of the Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners agency, currently this volume needs to be delivered every week.

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