Study: democratization of the web benefits traditional media

A study carried out by Ibope found that the increase in internet access has benefited traditional media, since the population looks for content, and not specifically for the environment.

It is a phenomenon called “tradigital”, which aggregates three types of consumer: that which only accompanies traditional means of communication, that which sees only digital, and that which aggregates all. The latter has made a difference.

55% of the Brazilian population say they use two or more media simultaneously, with the mixture of television and internet being the most successful, reaching 30% of people. The chain already reaches 56% of Brazilians, representing growth of 115% since 2003. And, according to what the study says Conectmedia, if the expansion continues the traditional media will be increasingly benefited.

“Both convergence and simultaneity are driven by the democratization of tablets, smartphones and other devices with internet access”, says Juliana Sawaia, manager of the area of ​​learning & insights and responsible for the survey.

The most popular activity on the web here is checking e-mails (87%), followed by access to social networks (76%), reading news (67%), exchanging instant messages (66%) and monitoring photos and videos. (63%).

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