Spotify should arrive in Brazil in September, says newspaper

The world’s most popular music streaming service is expected to arrive in Brazil soon. Spotify, founded in 2008, will be launched in September this year, after a period of hiring Brazilian employees, which started in March this year.

According to Estadão there are already three people working in the service in the national territory, but the company plans to form a team of 15 people.

As much as the service is already quite popular in the world, it will need to show what came in Brazil to gain market. That’s because Rdio, Deezer and Xbox Music, which offer similar services, arrived in the country before and are already established.

Spotify is now available in 26 countries. They have three service options. The user can choose to have access to the songs only on the computer for free, but with ads, or pay to listen to them without advertising. The third model is ‘Premium’, which allows the person to listen to their music on their mobile devices, through the service’s application.

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