Sony launches two “affordable” 4K TVs from R $ 13 thousand

Sony announced on Monday, the 15th, that it will put two new LED TVs with 4K resolution on the Brazilian market later this week. The company plans to launch 55 and 65 inch models at prices of R $ 13 thousand and R $ 23 thousand, respectively.

The models will now be sold in Sony Store stores and in the main retail chains in the country. With that, the company now has three 4K TV models available in Brazil. The first had been launched in November last year, at 84 inches.

During the models’ advertising event, at the end of May this year, Sony had stated that it would try to launch them with “more affordable prices”, as a way to popularize 4K technology, according to the general manager of Marketing, Carlos Paschoal. At the time, prices had not yet been confirmed.

Sony highlights the “Triluminos Display” technology, which, according to the company, allows the reproduction of more colors than ordinary televisions, and NFC technology, which allows the Xperia smartphone screen to be mirrored on the TV, bringing the phone closer to a remote control that sold separately.

It is worth remembering that there is still no programming broadcast in 4K resolution in Brazil, but Sony expects the 2014 World Cup to already use the new technology to broadcast the games.

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