See how Facebook video advertising will work

Facebook has confirmed that it will start displaying video advertising to its users. The ads will run automatically, but with the sound off, both on browsers and on mobile devices.

In the case of smartphones and tablets, playback will only occur if the owner of the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, thus data plans will not be used. And the sound is only turned on if the person wants to.

According to the social network, tests with the feature have been taking place since September and have achieved interaction rates (views, comments, likes and shares) more than 10% higher than conventional formats. This week some people will see an advertisement announcing the film “Divergent”.

The novelty will help Facebook take a slice of the advertising pie that goes on TV. It is not known how much the company charges for the format, but in August executives told the Wall Street Journal that an exhibition would say that it can reach adults between 18 and 54 years old go for $ 2 million.

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