Samsung launches 85-inch TV for R $ 100,000 in Brazil

This Thursday, 05, Samsung launched the 85-inch Timeless S9 in Brazil, the largest UHD LED (or 4K) TV in the world. It will start to be sold this month for the simple price of R $ 100 thousand – approximately 148 minimum wages.

The TV has some features like Upscaling technology, which converts the image to UHD, regardless of what the signal is. This happens thanks to the South Korean exclusive Quad Core processor. The company says that Micro Dimming and Precision Black Pro technologies still generate an image with greater depth and contrast.

Another interesting aspect is the “Evolution Kit”, which prepares the TV for any type of broadcasting standard that can be adopted in Brazil. The company also promises that the regional market will have access to software updates for the television.

In design, an aspect that draws attention to the “Timeless Gallery”, a frame that surrounds the device, giving the impression that it is floating in its environment. It has no exposed screws and is a concept clean back, which keeps the back of the device without any exposed cables.

In addition, the Samsung Timeless S9 is equipped with a sound system with 120W of power, 2.2 channels and built-in speakers / sub-woofer – which promises a sense of sound depth.

The device will also be available on the 55 and 65 inch models, with the same technologies offered in the larger version.

Samsung TV 4K

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