Rumor: Napster debuts in Brazil in November

If the rumors are right, in November Brazil will follow the return of Napster, one of the main names in the history of digital music. According to the columnist of Look Lauro Jardim, the download program will be anchored in a large portal, being used for legal music sales.

In fact, there is a Brazilian version of the site up in the air, but without any information about the debut. It is worth noting that the service’s arrival in Brazil had already been promised for September, but the month came to an end without any news.

Napster was launched in 1999 by Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker, who would later become involved in the development of Facebook. The program was used to share music files in a P2P scheme – just like BitTorrent today.

He was responsible for the music industry’s first major attacks against the piracy of musical creations; this account includes the band Metallica and the singer Madonna, who had an entire album released by Napster before its release – which in the 2000s was new.

Despite having been beaten a lot by organizations such as RIAA (an association that represents North American record labels), Napster struggled to become legal, proof of this is that the service already operates in the European market, offering music via subscription in a streaming scheme.

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