Rules breach allows distribution of emulators on Xbox Series X

Imagine a console that can run new generation games, but it can also be used to run just about any game that has been produced since the middle of the last century. This console exists, and is called Xbox Series X. Thanks to a loophole in the Microsoft app store rules, a developer is able to distribute RetroArch on the console.

RetroArch, for those unfamiliar, is an open source software that can bring together multiple emulators from basically all retracted consoles. This also includes platforms from companies competing with Microsoft, such as the PlayStation 1 and Super Nintendo.

Normally, installing RetroArch to perform this type of emulation on the console, it would be necessary to activate the Xbox developer mode, which is not aimed at the end user, but rather to give freedom to those who produce games. In this way, it is necessary to pass through a series of barriers that keep the common user away. However, the loophole pointed fur Ars Technica, was used by a developer to distribute RetroArch through Microsoft’s own store.

The loophole in question that Microsoft allows this type of content to be hosted in its store that the company gives developers more freedom when they define their applications as “private”. In this mode, only people who have their e-mail address added to a whitelist and receive a code can download it.

The developer, who identifies himself as Tunip3, has done this a few times, and always on a non-profit basis, free of charge for invitations. This time, he says he already has 1,500 people who have been granted access to RetroArch thanks to this freedom offered to developers who list apps as “private”. To participate, you need to ask for direct permission from him through platforms like Discord.

Tunip3 believes that Microsoft is likely to ban the application soon, as it has done before. However, he tried to add more people quickly this time, since even if the company tries the app, whoever has downloaded it will continue to have it installed indefinitely, only will not be able to make a new download.

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