Pay TV will display live tweets during programming

An India pay-TV operator has become the first in the world to incorporate tweets into its channel programming. As of this Tuesday, 22, Airtel TV Digital customers will be able to see, on television, what other people are tweeting.

The messages shown are related to the grid, so the subscriber can follow what is said about the program, presenter, sport or anything that is going on – including using hashtags. If you want, you can also tweet on TV, in addition to following your own timeline on the screen.

The novelty comes to homes through the set-top box and it is not necessary to have the device connected to the internet for this. Just as you don’t have to be a Twitter user to follow the repercussions of the programs.

See, or not, the tweets along with the optional program and not yet all the channels that transmit the messages – little by little the news will be expanded.

Twitter TV

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