Only 55% of advertisers are satisfied with Twitter

Although Twitter has attracted many brands over the years, the microblogging network is not the most satisfying destination for advertisers’ money, according to a survey by Forrester Research.

Sixty percent of the advertisers interviewed by the consultancy are present on Twitter. Forrester listened to people in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom and found that the percentage leaves the network ahead of Linkedin and YouTube, second only to Facebook.

Only that 55% of those who bet on the platform are satisfied with the results obtained, as reported by the Mashable. Spending on Linkedin, Google+ and YouTube seems more advantageous.

Paying for positive reviews and reviews, presence in communities (or forums) and even for someone to answer customer questions in Facebook comments brings more satisfaction to consumers.

Interestingly the 55% obtained with Twitter are superior to several Facebook options: posting on brand pages (55%), promoting posts (53%), creating tabs or apps on the page (51%) and paying for advertising , effectively (51%).

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