Oi is condemned for false advertising in DDD plan

Oi was ordered to pay an indemnity of R $ 500 thousand in collective moral damages and to return the money of customers who felt injured with the “DDD Amigo” plan, announced by the company.

The lawsuit was filed by the Federal Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro. The court condemned the company for not making clear the limitations of the plan when customers signed the contract, which resulted in a charge higher than expected.

The plan provided that the user could make long-distance calls at a discount to a number selected by the customer. In all calls, there was an increase in the tariff charged.

According to the MPF, the discount offered to one number does not compensate for the increase in other numbers, which would reach up to 750%.

The company must also provide details about the “DDD Amigo” in all advertising pieces and in its call center. In addition, you should also make a table comparing the rates in this plan and in the common.

Contact UOL Technology, the company says in the commentary on ongoing actions.

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