Official: Instagram will have advertising in 2014

2014 does not pass. Within the next year Instagram will become another social terrain for advertising, and Emily White, who runs the service alongside her creator, Kevin Systrom, ensured this.

Emily took over as director of operational business on the platform on behalf of Facebook, which acquired it for $ 1 billion. just that amount that motivates Mark Zuckerberg’s team to find ways to monetize Instagram.

“We want to make money in the long run, but we don’t have any short-term pressure,” said the executive, in an interview with Wall Street Journal.

Since taking office, Emily has been analyzing how to generate this revenue, which includes talking to potential advertisers like Ford and Coca-Cola. One problem to be faced is to convince these people to spend money on Instagram, where companies like Nike and Levi’s already get results with viral actions for free.

One possibility would be to use the Explore tab and the search field, promoting content. Another, requested by the companies themselves, is to create a direct link between the photo of the brand and its website – the user would click on the image to visit the page.

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