Netflix now has 4K videos

Are you a Netflix subscriber able to watch videos over there in high definition? Because the service took a step forward and put productions on air four times higher. There are now six 4K videos (also known as Ultra-HD) available.

The six are the same in terms of content, but have different frame rates per second. All are called El Fuerte and show scenes from Mexico in eight minutes, as reported by Mashable.

Only a tiny fraction of Netflix customers will be able to take advantage of the resolution. First, it is necessary to have a television or computer capable of reproducing such technology – a MacBook Pro with Retina display, for example. In addition, the client still needs to have an optimal connection to play such a video – that’s why the question that opens this text.

At the beginning of the year the company reported that in two years they would be ready to deliver content in 4K and that Netflix originals will be among the first productions with this resolution over there. House of Cards was shot almost entirely in 4K.

The debut matches the ambition of the brand, which has already declared that it wants to promote real launches, making films debut on the internet at the same time as in the cinema.

Netflix 4K

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