Netflix must support multiple profiles on the same account

Much of Netflix’s business model depends on movie and series recommendations based on an assessment of user tastes, but this is a problem for anyone who shares their account with others. And the company, knowing this, should soon implement the option of using multiple profiles within the same subscription.

The novelty was presented during E3 by the vice president of innovation for Netflix, Todd Yellin, who promises that the resource should start to be applied in the middle of the year, until September.

With this, different people can watch what they prefer and receive the most appropriate recommendations, without interference from the other. In this way, it will be possible to select the avatar of the person who accesses the service and have access to their personalized history, with preferences and recommendations.

However, the company continues to allow only two people to view content for the standard subscription simultaneously, according to Yahoo News.

In addition, a tool is also being developed to control Netflix on TV via the iPhone or Android using the Wi-Fi connection. To this end, the company, along with YouTube, is trying to negotiate with TV manufacturers to implement a standard technology that works on all devices.

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