Netflix launches feature that saves movies and series for later

Netflix Brasil announced this Wednesday, the 21st, the “My List” feature. The novelty allows users to separate the movies and series they want to watch later. The function was already available to some users, but now it is open to all subscribers of Brazilian Netflix.

To add some content, just click on “Add to My List” when opening the movie details. The list is organized by the Netflix algorithm, which tries to interpret your preferences – it is not possible to sort movies in chronological or alphabetical order, for example.

In principle, “My List” will be displayed at the top of the user interface. If it is little used, be lowered to the bottom corner of the screen. Another detail is that the lists can be separated between the profiles of an account.

A nice novelty that Netflix gives more information about the highlighted contents. For example, TV series with new seasons will have a special brand. You also receive a special notice if a title is due to be removed from the Netflix catalog soon. For now, this feature is only available for browsers, but it should work on other platforms “in the coming months”.


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