Net channels will be moved

Within 60 days, Net starts testing a new organization of the channels that make up its line-up. With that, almost all will be switched places, according to the columnist of the Folha de S.Paulo Keila Jimenez.

The change aims to group channels by theme, thus, children, news, sports etc. will be sequenced, the first ones on the list will always be the most widely distributed.

The only channels to remain where they are are those of Globo Globonews, GNT, Multishow, SporTV 1 and SporTV 2. The open channels are also where they are.

The biggest change will be in relation to the movie channels, which will jump 100 numbers forward. With that, the Telecine Premium, first on the list, goes from the current 61 to the 161.

The programmers are already aware of the changes and, according to the columnist, offered no resistance. If the test goes well, the measure should definitely go into effect later this year.

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