Napster officially starts operations in Brazil

Rhapsody made official the launch of Napster in Brazil today, which was already certain since last week. The service will provide more than 10 million songs for R $ 14.90 a month, but anyone who just wants to try it can use it for seven days for free.

There is no news in relation to what already exists in the market: you can listen to songs via streaming or download them in a specific Napster format, so if the customer cancels the account, everything is deleted. You can build playlists and choose radio stations to listen to without having to choose much.

There are apps for smartphones and tablets, but you can also listen on your computer. On its home page, Napster shows news about the service and the user’s favorite musicians, such as concerts and tours – and it is possible to check biographies and information.

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Napster was launched in 1999 by Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker, who would later become involved in the development of Facebook. The program was used to share music files in a P2P scheme – just like BitTorrent today.

He was responsible for the music industry’s first major attacks against the piracy of musical creations; this account includes the band Metallica and the singer Madonna, who had an entire album released by Napster before its release – which in the 2000s was new.

Despite having been beaten a lot by organizations such as the RIAA (an association that represents North American record labels), Napster struggled to become legal, proof of this is that – under the tutelage of Rhapsody – the service already operates in 17 European countries and, now , in Brazil.

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