Minister suggests Venezuelans to leave Facebook

Troubled by the revelation that the United States is spying on those who use the country’s telecommunications services – including those on the Internet -, a Venezuelan minister suggested that her compatriots leave Facebook, the world’s largest social network.

“Countrymen: Cancel your Facebook accounts, you have been working for free as CIA informants. Review the Snowden case!” Minister Iris Varela of Venezuela’s Penitentiary Service wrote on Twitter.

She refers to Edward Snowden, a former agent for the National Security Agency (NSA) who revealed a giant espionage scheme promoted by the USA in which Brazil is cited as one of the main targets.

Snowden is unable to return to the USA and is therefore unable to leave Moscow airport in Russia. Venezuela is among the countries that offered asylum to the former agent, but he has not yet responded, according to Reuters.

Facebook Government Censorship

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