Minister predicts growth of pay TV and criticizes “cats”

Pay TV is growing and is expected to double its number of subscribers within three years. This is the estimate presented by the Minister of Communications, Paulo Bernardo, during the ABTA 2013 congress.

According to him, the number of subscribers has jumped from 9.8 million to 17 million in the last three years. “A good goal for the next 3, 4 years, trying to reach 35, 40 million households,” he points out.

In recent years, annual growth has been 30%, he pointed out, but the minister acknowledges that 2013 has not been the most positive year. He states that the expectation for the sector of a more modest growth, of only 12%, reports G1.

Manoel Rangel, president of Ancine, also believes in growth, betting that by 2017, pay TV should reach up to 50% of Brazilian households.

Paulo Bernardo also defends a greater rigor in the fight against the underground, the famous “cats”. He refuted the number of households with pirated TV services reaching 7 million as reported in recent research, but he advocates changes nonetheless.

“Let it be 1 million, a lot of service provided in a clandestine manner. We have to inspect, demand that it be framed in the same rules of the sector as a whole”, says the Minister of Communications.

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