Microsoft would be interested in buying Winamp and Shoutcast

The announcement of the discontinuation of Winamp (check here) has generated some emotion among the nostalgic and many who still use the software. However, there is still hope that currently resides in Microsoft’s hands. The company that develops Windows would be in negotiation with AOL to acquire the media reproduction software.

Microsoft would also be interested in purchasing the Shoutcast, the streaming service that was also created by Nullsoft, which is also due to close next week. The information from TechCrunch, an American technology website owned by AOL, says it has contacted sources linked to the subject.

Officially, however, AOL does not comment on the matter and Microsoft has not yet spoken. The agreement would also not be closed yet, and the two companies would still be negotiating the amount to be paid for the transaction.

For AOL, it will certainly be an interesting business, as the opportunity to profit from a service that never knew where to take and was about to close. Already thinking about Microsoft’s side, the rumor is strange, since the company has bet on Xbox Music to unite all the music services of its platforms and it is strange to think about how Winamp could add to these services. Shoutcast can be an excellent source of online radio.

Via TechCrunch

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