Microsoft will use users’ facial reactions to sell data

Microsoft wants to make money on Xbox One sales alone. The company plans to watch its customers as much as it can to sell data to advertisers and research companies.

The collection will be so extensive that it promises to revolutionize the market. Microsoft intends to use the Kinect sensors to observe people’s facial reactions when they watch a particular advertisement. In addition, as the new video game will have TV integration, it will be easy to even hear what everyone says when watching a particular program.

“We are trying to bridge the gap between online and offline worlds. This is a bit of a holy grail in terms of how you understand your customers in 360 of their lives, ”said Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s vice president of marketing and strategy, to the Ad Age.

The new Kinect can distinguish up to six different voices in the same room, read skeletal movements, analyze muscle strength, perceive changes in skin color, and even recognize the heartbeat and analyze the dilation of blood vessels.

Mehdi believes that selling user information to research companies can help advertisers come up with better ideas to engage the audience. This can even affect the price of the product, depending on the reaction of people when they see the ad.

Update: Microsoft denies the information. According to her, it was all a misinterpretation of AdAge, who did not interview the executive, but only attended a lecture by him. According to the company, Mehdi was talking about how the content could be consumed both online and offline – and not about data sales.

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