Meet the first internet banner

Banners are one of the most common forms of online advertising – in order to have a notion, in the last year alone they have circulated more than $ 15 billion in the USA. The first of them is believed to have appeared in 1994, on the HotWired website, announcing the American operator AT&T.

The ad said, “Have you clicked your mouse right here? YOU WILL ”. He was created by a man named Joe McCambley, who now runs The WonderFactory.

But was this first banner effective? When it was launched, it worked very well: 44% of people who saw it clicked. It was tested again, and today the rate was just 0.11%. Even so, the overall average index of banners, which achieve only 0.04% of engagement.

The full report on the success of the banner can be checked on here.


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