Master & Dynamic launches luxury headphones in partnership with Lamborghini

Another luxury car maker decides to “enter”, even in quotes, into the technology industry by joining a manufacturer in the sector to launch exclusive accessories. Lamborghini, an iconic Italian automaker, has partnered with Master & Dynamic, a manufacturer of audio accessories, to make the MW65 headphone and TWS (true wireless) MW07 Plus earphones available to the market.

The partnership, according to the joint disclosure of the companies, was the will of the CEO and founder of Master & Dynamic. Jonathan Levine said that as a child he was a fan of cars, and the design of luxury cars became an obsession that accompanied him into adulthood. “I remember being mesmerized the first time I saw a Lamborghini Miura,” he said.


TWS MW07-PLUS earbuds, from Master & Dynamic, follow the design of Lamborghini cars. Exclusive line of headphones is on sale in Europe. Image: Master & Dynamic / Disclosure

The headphones themselves bring, as expected, an exclusive design, approved by Lamborghini and stylized in order to represent the bold look of the brand’s cars. The MW65 headphone, for example, is made of “Alcantara”, a type of technical material used in all cars of the Italian manufacturer. The TWS MW07 Plus earbuds have the Lamborghini logo on the headphones and a look that mimics the bold curves of cars in the charging case.

For the technical aspect, the MW65 features two active noise cancellation modes and up to 24 hours of continuous use on a full battery charge, while the MW07 Plus improves audio quality with 10mm beryllium drivers, in addition to 40 hours of playback when paired with the charging case.


The MW65 has a bold design and a briefcase as packaging, just like the charm of Lamborghini cars. Two active noise cancellation modes complement the product. Image: Master & Dynamic / Disclosure

“‘Sound’ is something that resonates with Lamborghini: the unmatched noise and roar of an engine aspirated from a Lamborghini brings a very high sensory and emotional appeal,” said Katia Bassi, head of marketing and communication for the Italian automaker. “The combination of design, sophistication and technology in delivering pure sound is a talent shared by Lamborghini and Master & Dynamic”.

Both models have been on sale since the last 20 days in Europe, but there is no information on international availability. The MW65 has a suggested price of US $ 549 (about R $ 2,928.57 in direct conversion), while the MW07 Plus costs US $ 349 (about R $ 1,861.70 in direct conversion).

Source: Forbes

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