Kim Dotcom’s music service must “hijack” website advertising

Kim Dotcom, founder of Megaupload and Mega, had already explained that he has plans to launch his streaming and music purchase service and has now given details on how it will work. He should have a free alternative that will generate advertising revenue, “hijacking” the banners of other sites.

For this, the user must install a plug-in in their browser. So, instead of the usual advertising you find on a daily basis, you will see images from Baboom advertisers and the money generated by the ads will be directed to the music service.

There are, however, some questions about how this works. The first is how this plug-in will actually work, if it will work as malware to spy on the user. Furthermore, it is not yet known how it will work with the increasingly popular Adblock.

The main question, however, is about the pay for sites whose advertising is “hijacked”. Many pages on the internet depend on ads to stay online and the use of such a plug-in should block the collection of these pages, which can cause many sites to close. The tendency is for traditional advertising companies like Google and web pages to take a stand against the project.

The plugin should generate credit for the user to purchase the service’s songs. According to Dotcom, ordinary users could earn up to 10 albums a year with browsing habits.

Baboom should be demonstrated initially in January, with music by Dotcom himself. The official launch of the full service should take place just a few months later, with no date yet set. It is known that he should have paid alternatives for those who prefer not to have to deal with any of the problems listed above.

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