Keep your kids away from the screens (at least part of the day)

THE United States Academy of Pediatrics – one of the most influential organizations of its kind – released its new manual of recommendations for the use of internet, TV, cell phones and games by children. Depending on the age group, the message is clear: limit the use of screens by children and, in the case of really young children (under 2 years old), simply do not expose them to them. For American pediatricians, children who overexposed to screens tend to have more health problems, such as obesity, sleep difficulties and aggressiveness. All of this also ends up leading to poor school performance.

See below the main recommendations of pediatricians:

1 – Children should not be exposed to screens for entertainment for more than two hours a day. This includes TV, computers, cell phones or smartphones, tablets and games.

2 – Children under the age of 2 must not have any contact with screens.

3 – Probes the use of screens during meals and just before bedtime.

4 – Avoid installing TVs in children’s rooms. In the case of computers, limit access to the internet, following schedules.

The same study indicates that one of the greatest difficulties in adopting measures such as these is that parents themselves have great difficulty in abandoning their smartphones during meal times, for example. However, for doctors, this care is essential to avoid health problems in the future of children.

O Digital Look produced a special report on the topic. Check it out below, or click here to watch:

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