Instagram starts showing advertising to users

After much explanation and several announcements, Instagram finally began to display advertising. As the company had explained, these are sponsored posts that will start appearing on the users’ timeline, even if they don’t follow the page that publishes the image.

The first company to post advertisements on the social image network to Michael Kors, a brand of designer accessories. The image is being shown only to American users, who have shown considerable dissatisfaction with advertising.

Instagram, however, makes it possible for users dissatisfied with the advertisements shown on their timeline to hide it with just two taps on the image. The service also asks for people’s feedback to warn about bad taste ads.

So far, the image in question has received 36,000 likes, but it has also generated anger in many people. It remains to be seen whether Instagram’s monetization model will become accepted by the general public, or signify the evasion of its users.

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