In China, the internet has over 4,000 censored terms

The experience of internet browsing is reduced to the basics in China because of the censorship imposed by the government. AND a study recently released gives an idea of ​​how complicated this issue is there.

Over 4,000 keywords have been censored over the past year and a half on instant communication platforms used in the country. To find out, explain the Mashable, the researchers focused on services like Microsoft’s Skype and Sina Weibo.

At least 20% of the terms pursued on Weibo are related to technology, including some specific URLs and technical terms. “Internet”, “chat”, “world wide web” and “Chinese person” appear.

In other cases, it is clear the intention to limit the collection of free information, as terms such as “Chinese language Wikipedia” and “Google Blogger” are vetoed.

Generic words, in the view of the researchers, are targeted because they indicate that the Internet user would want to pass for Weibo administrator and, thus, control other accounts. So there are “system”, “administrator”, “system notification”, for example.

China Censorship

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