Huawei will support R $ 190,000 to independent game developers

Huawei seems to have an ambition to become the main point of attraction for independent mobile game developers. The Chinese company announced the creation of a series of incentives for app developers to open AppGallery, a platform created by the company for distributing applications on smartphones.

According to the disclosure, the incentive has a ceiling of US $ 35,681 (R $ 190,027.91 in direct conversion), applied in the campaign in the form of:

  • 85% of the revenue in microtransactions generated by the app for the developer
  • VIP technical support during the application publishing process
  • Credit of one thousand euros (R $ 6,363.40) on Huawei’s advertising platform for the 30 best independent games from the App Gallery and support in the launch of the first campaign
  • Special space reserved in AppGallery’s exclusive “Indie Games” tab


AppGallery is Huawei’s application distribution suite. Game developers can benefit from a new campaign run by the company.Image: Huawei / Divulgao

Mobile market grows rapidly

The campaign has been going on globally since the 19th, and will last until December 14, 2020. For Dr. Jaime Gonzalo, vice president of mobile services for consumers at Huawei in the European market, the initiative “one important step in Huawei’s continued commitment to investing in the developer community. “

“The mobile gaming industry has shown incredible growth in recent years and we are delighted to offer support to more independent developers and stadiums in creating their games and making them available on the market,” said Gonzalo.

The impression of the executive’s growth in the unfounded: according to a survey by the market analysis company Statista, in 2020 the global mobile gaming market had revenues of US $ 77.2 billion (R $ 411.50 billion), with the expectation of reaching US $ 102.8 billion (R $ 547.95 billion) by 2023. For comparison purposes, the traditional game market, that is, consoles and PCs, earned US $ 57.73 billion (R $ 307.80 billion) in the year, and the estimate for 2024 of 73.62 billion (R $ 392.52 billion).

Huawei’s incentive program can be accessed by subscription link from the AppGallery.

Via: PocketNow

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