How to get ‘Mudruuner’ on PC

Epic Games has faced many controversies over the microtransactions carried out on its mobile games with Google and Apple over the fees charged by the companies. Already on PCs, in the Epic Games Store, its virtual game store, the company has distributed some free titles weekly and made several promotions entitled even to coupons for bigger discounts.

This week, the free title of the time is fun “Mudrunner“, a game simulator that puts people in control of giant and powerful cars in off-road scenarios full of complicated passages. Next, check out how to get the” Mudrunner “for free on PC through Epic Games.


The game “Mudrunner” was released on this thursday (26) s 13hrs and can be obtained this way until the same time as the 4th of december. Here, it’s worth noting, once the game has been added to your account, you can play it forever.

How to get the free Mudrunner at Epic Games

The process to obtain this free game is very simple and can be performed in the browser, but it will be necessary to have the store’s client installed on the computer to play it. Check out:

1. Access the Epic Games homepage through this link;

2. In “Free Games”, click on the image of the game “Mudrunner”;


3. On the game page, click on “View offers”;


4. In “Edies, next to” Free “, click” Get “;


5. Log in with your “Epic Games” account. If not, create a new one;


6. Check if the value of your order is “reset” and then click on “Place order”;


7. After the message that your order has been confirmed appears, choose to open or download the Epic Games client;


8. Then, with the Epic Games client open and logged into your account, under “Library, choose the game you want to download.


Ready! Now, you already know how to get the Mud Runner game without paying anything on the PC through Epic Games.

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