How much are you worth to advertisers?

Some internet users are aware that their web browsing information and data shared on social networks are sold to advertisers. But few people really know what their interests are worth.

To quell curiosity, the British newspaper Financial Times developed a tool to measure the ‘value’ of Internet users. A 27-year-old married woman with no children and with an interest in tourism, cooking, fashion and sports, for example, can cost the advertiser $ 0.41.

Typically, companies buy information from 1,000 users at a time. In other words, a data package for similar women mentioned above would cost around US $ 414. A package with less information, such as age, gender and location, is worth approximately US $ 0.0005 per user – a pittance.

The sale works as follows: the more specific the internet user’s data, the more they are worth. Users with a definite purchase intention are the most valuable, as they have immense potential to accept ads directed on the web and social networks.

Are you curious to know what its value is to advertisers? Click on here and take the test (in English) online. Enjoy and see here a story that teaches you how to protect yourself from Facebook’s search system, Graph Search, a powerful data collection tool for users.

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