How mobility will transform Big Data

Canadian bank CIBC predicts that data generation will grow 50-fold over the next decade, while consultancy IDC believes that data will grow 44-fold by 2020. Despite small differences in numbers, both agree that mobility will play a big role in the explosion of information.

In a recent study by Business Insider, the vehicle revealed that mobility is generating data from applications and other services that work in the background. Technically, this data is no different from that created on the traditional web.

The difference, however, is that Internet users are generating more information when adopting smartphones and tablets, since the devices document all the movements and actions of users. The survey further states that even when hardware is turned off, it stores data.

The information collected on mobile devices, according to the study, serves mainly to optimize and personalize mobile services. Developers, for example, use the data captured to retain users. Through collection, they discover what consumers want and need on their smartphones and tablets.

Location data is also essential in the composition of mobile Big Data and the main difference from traditional web information, says the study. Location data is transforming the advertising market, offering endless possibilities for advertisers to find new ways to retain potential customers.

Therefore, the research concluded that mobility will be responsible for most of the data generated in the next decade, in addition to revolutionizing the way the market will use the valuable information obtained through smartphones and tablets.

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