Grumpy Cat to become a Hollywood movie

The moodiest cat on the internet is the central theme of a Hollywood film. Grampy Cat, whose real name Tardar Sauce, signed a deal this week with Broken Road Productions – the same producer of “Each has the twin they deserve”, with Adam Sandler as the protagonist.

The negotiation was handled by the animal’s entrepreneur, Ben Lashes, who jokingly commented with the Wall Street Journal her client’s reaction: “She hates movies.”

Tarder Sauce was no more than an ordinary cat until last September, when Bryan Bundesen, who lives in Ohio, in the United States, went to visit her sister, Tabatha, in Arizona and decided to photograph the animal she had at home.

Bryan posted the photo on Reddit and it went viral quickly. That’s because the cat’s mouth has a downward curved shape, giving the impression that she is always angry – the name Grumpy Cat, which, in English, means something like Grumpy Cat.

The success was so great that it attracted the interest of Ben Lashes, specializing specifically in making the internet cat famous. Because of your help, Grumpy Cat travels to New York this week to launch a book and also already has a product line.

All of this has already yielded sums of six digits to the cat’s owners, of which the entrepreneur takes 20%.

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