Google will block advertising from pirated sites

Sites that disseminate pirated content will be prevented from advertising using Google tools, while other companies work on systems that allow this type of blocking, the report said. The Guardian.

Whoever holds the copyright in a work that is being distributed illegally may, based on the Google scheme, issue an alert to stop the advertisements. So, as much as it manages to keep pirated links on the air, the site is unable to make money from it.

Services like Piratebay earn millions without charging for the services provided because the high volume of access gives them the conditions to display advertising. The British page Surfthechannel, for example, raised 35,000 a month before its owner was arrested in January.

In the middle last year, Google participated in a study that proved that 86% of the music sharing sites’ revenue comes from advertising, something that keeps them away from solutions involving PayPal, Visa, MasterCard etc. Without that, pirates will have to think of another way to make money.

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